Maintenance instructions

Unicanvas uses only very high quality materials to make their products. These materials have been treated to resist:

  •        the harmful effects of the sun
  •        the rain
  •        the pollution
  •        the abrupt changes in temperature

However, it is normal, after many years of use, and at certain occasions, that a slight change in color occurs. This does not affect the quality of the product and we suggest that you do not try to correct these changes by using non-recommended products.


Normally, the vinyl used in our products are cleaned by using only running water. You cannot use caustic cleaning products directly on the vinyl. The chemical components of these products tend to harm the waterproof coating on the vinyl and threads.

For more persistent stains:

  •        The vinyl can be cleaned using a soap made for vinyl (diluted to the manufacturer’s recommendation)
  •        Once diluted, cleaning is done using a sponge or soft bristle brush.
  •        Apply the diluted soap on the sponge or brush, not on the area that needs cleaning. Limit use of this process to the stained area.
  •        Avoid undue scrubbing, especially on the seams.
  •        Make sure to well rinse with clear water to eliminate all soap residues.

Important: Do not use the car wash method consisting in completely foaming the product then rinsing it with a high pressure hose. This method rapidly destroys the waterproof quality of any vinyl and can cause leakage problems.


We recommend you store your vinyl product in a dark and dry area. Make sure it is clean and perfectly dry before storage. A high humidity level will cause mildew on the seams as well as on any dirt remaining on the product. This mildew can seriously damage your product.